Why Android Go is Suitable for Your Project?

Let’s have this excerpt as a series of quick FAQ's to grasp the concept systematically!

Android (Go edition) is a lightweight OS, can be called a lighter version of the original Android OS. It features faster launch times, efficiency, saves space, saves data, is more powerful, has features to suggest, allows photo editing and offline search, plus it is very powerful with in-built security features.

Why Use Golang?

Golang (Go) is an open-source programming language designed by Google to create simple real-time Android Applications (native). Go comes with incredible speed, memory safety, structural typing and CSP-Style concurrency and is therefore safe for developing networking apps, applications for cloud-based environments, DevOps and some micro-services. Eg: Android TV Go Edition, Docker, Kubernetes, Fedora CoreOS, InfluxDB, Istio, Traefik, Hugo, Terraform, CockroachDB and Gravitational Teleport etc.

Why is Go Helpful (Many more advantages follow)

  • Go is lightweight
  • Go phones get quick updates
  • Golang is optimized by Google
  • Go customizes the processor requirements to make specialized apps or give certain uniqueness to the existing apps. E.g: Facebook LITE, Go Gallery, YouTube Go
  • Go phones support lightweight games. E.g: Pubg LITE
  • The minimal requirement to support a normal OS is 4GB-12GB RAM, while Go phones can support 1GB RAM
  • Android Go handsets are a great starter or backup phones, and these are the best ones you can buy in 2020
  • Best Android Go Phone overall: Ulefone Note 7
  • Best Android Go phone for photography: Alcatel 1
  • Best Android Go Phone for storage: Samsung Galaxy J2 Core
  • Best Android Go Phone for Display: Huawei Y5 Lite
  • Best Android Go Phone for Design: ZTE Blade L8
  • Best Android Go Phone in Europe: Nokia 1 Plus

What Are The Most Popular Devices That Use Android Go In 2020?

  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Core: The smartphones that adopt a lighter version of Android comes with Android Go apps like YouTube Go, Gmail Go, Assistant Go and Maps Go. Mobile phone device companies like Samsung promises up to 12 hours of YouTube Go playback on the Galaxy J2 Core.
  • Nokia 1: Nokia 1 is the fastest-selling phone with Android Go in Europe. It is a sleek version of full-fledged Android with near-similar features, yet not missing out on essential details – to provide a fast and smooth Android experience on the entry-level smart-phones that usually comes with low-end hardware. Nokia 1 makes use of low-end hardware and is running on Android 9 (Go edition).
  • Redmi Go: Redmi Go is a successor of 5A because it has everything but an IT emitter (The MI Remote Control to manage MI TV, AC). It comes with Android Go which is a simpler and lighter version of Android. Redmi Go is the all in one competitor and is the very first phone that was launched with Android Go. It comes with a micro USB port and is at the lower end of the price spectrum, very reasonable and easily adopted among the masses. Redmi Go was also able to pass Jerry rig everything’s bend test.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Go?

As Android Go catches the vibe, there are many more advantages that it brings to the Android platter:

  • Golang has a quick development lifecycle
  • Go is faster than comparable Android Frameworks
  • Go is faster than Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, C, RUST etc.
  • It has high tier execution speed
  • It comes along with memory safety and garbage collection
  • Go comes with a simple code with lots of conveniences
  • The API documentation that comes along with is rich in content and is as well easy to memorize
  • The Go compiler is capable of compiling binaries
  • It comes with a built-in unit testing
  • It is easy to code
  • It is good for DevOps and micro-services
  • Go possess strong interoperability with C programming language

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Go?

  • It misses a few performance aspects in a need to emphasize its aim of simplicity
  • It allows interoperability through cgo, which is an unexpected way to write Golang programs
  • Golang lacks generics
  • Go does not have ample immutability
  • Golang collects waste which affects its overall performance

Conclusive: What Is Go Used For?

Golang framework suits well to the small scale organizations that may choose speed and growth over the cost to create an app. Top enterprises like Google, Youtube, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Uber, Dropbox, BBC, and IBM have made use of Golang for their applications.

Yet it is easy to code, simple to understand and can be easily adopted by the beginners. Mobile App Development Services might choose to differentiate between RUST and Go as both are based on an object-oriented approach and are successors of C++ and Java. Reach out to us for an expansive description of how we helped reach organizations towards their goals achieving much with Go programming language.

More FAQ’s are addressed on Android Go’s official webpage: https://golang.org/doc/faq

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