Golang Web Frameworks for Development in 2020

Here are the best Golang web frameworks for web app development..

Someone predicted that Go will be the server language of the future. Knowingness about the kind of projects it can handle will surely help us in discerning if it is the right choice for our upcoming project. Golang or popularly known as Go is best suited for handling system, network programming, big data, machine learning, audio and video editing applications.

And for all other projects with high security, high speed and high modularity requirements as in FinTech, or Stock Exchange or Banking and Insurance – developers can choose a Go Based technology stack without the need to pile up with Python, Bundler, WSGI, Redis, and other technologies.

Basic Features of Golang (Go)

  • Go is an open-source programming language
  • It is statically typed
  • It produces compiled machine-code binaries
  • It is more like C programming language and allows safe use of memory, managing objects, garbage collection and providing strict concurrent typing
  • It combines the best features of other object-oriented programming languages
  • It showcases high-level efficiency and advanced performance for networking, utilizing multi-core power to the fullest

What Advantages Does ‘Go’ Bring to The table?

  • Go is comparable to C programming language in speed and simplicity and spontaneity from Python programming language.
  • Based on core oops principles Golang is as powerful as Java and Erlang in handling efficiency. Go and Java both serve to be loving homages to archaic ‘C’ programming language, while Java still serves as a server saviour,
  • Golang comes loaded with a memory repository that is full of tools and leaps forward with a much simpler syntax matching up with Java with most of the similar-looking aspects.
  • Both Java and Golang can interchange their codes and work in shifts to fit into the next application stack.
  • Go is easy to compile, supports concurrency at the language level, treats functions as first-class objects,
  • It facilitates garbage collection, comes with automatic strings and mapping.
  • Go is an endorsed option to create native and cross-platform applications.
  • Golang is suitable for small-medium-large scale companies and projects of varying complexity.
  • Go is also easy to adopt by the developers with prior knowledge of Node or JS.

How Can Developers Start With Golang Development?

Go can be integrated with Mobile Application Development Strategy by simply writing the SDK applications from Go Package and invoking them from respective iOS and Android platforms.

  • GoRoutines: Go comes with GoRoutines that makes it preferable for developing cross-platform apps for all business needs.
  • Binaries: It comes with binaries that gel with other prevalent dependencies in the code and thus removes the need to install runtimes that are required to run the application.
  • Language Design: Go is easy to understand, comes with a simple syntax, prefers composition over inheritance, has an interesting design and is based on Object-oriented principles.
  • Powerful Standard Library: Golang comes with a powerful standard library and is distributed as packages.
  • Statically Types: The code is compiled considering all the type conversions and compatibility issues.
  • Package Management: Go features a combination of open-source projects and external packages in its tooling to get external packages and publish your packages with an easy set of commands.
  • Concurrency Support: Go makes concurrency programming easy, with its ability to take advantage of multi-core processor architectures and efficient memory which makes it suitable for bigger applications.
  • Testing Support: Go comes right along with the unit testing, benchmarking tests and writing example code that is used to generate the code documentation.
  • Convenient: Go compiles extremely fast not much like C or C++ in this case, has a fast-running native library. Go resembles Python in its scripting techniques and automatic memory management. The build system is less complex as compared to other compiled languages.
  • Speedy and Portable: Go is slower than C but the executables created with Golang can work in their integrity, performing as much as was expected from C, JavaScript, Ruby or Python programming languages.
  • Interoperability: They can work in combination with C libraries, low-level Linux functions, cgroups and namespaces.
  • Support: Many operating systems like Linux, macOS, Windows binary and many third-party development environments like Microsoft Visual Studio Code to ActiveState’s Komodo IDE.
  • Distributed networked services – For networking, distributed functions, and cloud services: APIs, web servers, minimal frameworks for web applications and likewise.
  • Cloud-native development – For building cloud-native apps like Docker, Kubernetes, and Istio.

Golang Web Frameworks

Go has served as a subsidiary language being based on object-oriented programming principles. It has eased out the development tasks by being cost-effective and highly performant.


  • Martini can integrate third-party support and yet keep the Go application lightweight.
  • It is suitable for writing Go-based services and Golang Web Applications.
  • Martini can re-rote, handle exceptions, offers wildcard support, regex structure and allow variable parameters etc.
  • It features 20+ plugins.


  • It has been designed by Martini Golang Framework for web development.
  • It is also known as a minimalistic framework.
  • It has requisite libraries to help in the development of high performing REST APIs.
  • This framework makes use of HTTP routers for handling Golang traffic.
  • It follows the design rules for documentation.


  • It is an integrated web development ecosystem that is easy, fast and preferable to develop backend and frontend applications.
  • It features hot/live reloading features with Dev commands to automatically observe .html and .go files for redeveloping and restarting the binary.


  • Goji is a lightweight, fast Golang Framework for web development.
  • It has the right combination of simplicity and composing ability.
  • It has a minimalistic HTTP request multiplexer similar to net/HTTP ServeMux.
  • Goji also includes URL patterns, re-configurable middleware stack, smooth shutdown capabilities.


Gorilla features scalability, extensions, modules, drop packages, native support to web sockets to make it a preferable Golang Web Framework.


  • Revel has arrays of pre-configured features that help develop applications with optimal usage.
  • It does not require to be setup
  • Revel is not bound to the middleware or third-party plugins
  • It is one of the best Go Framework for developing API


It is lightweight and features tree re-routing.


  • It offers a quick and scalable routing facility
  • Its mux custom middleware package boasts reflection and casting capabilities for typing codes
  • It adds additional functionality to the applications with the help of built-in middleware
  • It has the highest API performance


This framework enables developers to build reusable HTTP functionality modules, keep codes autonomous, and carry the list of middleware and apps.


  • This framework incorporates ORM (Object-Relationship Map), session handling tools, data, logging systems, cache handler, libraries for operating HTTP components etc.
  • Beego makes use of Command-Line tools (CL) and works well to develop an app from the very beginning or the middle of an existing one.


This framework is suitable for developing complex web applications.

It helps to circulate reusable components and take maximum advantage of Net/HTTP for routing purposes.


  • It is a highly performant, extensible, minimalist web framework with a highly optimized HTTP router with zero dynamic memory allocation that smartly prioritizes routes.
  • It automatically installs TLS certificates, provides HTTP/2 support, improves the speed and provides a better experience.
  • It contains built-in middlewares to support data binding for HTTP request payload, including JSON, XML, or form-data.
  • It has API to send HTTP requests (JSON/XML/HTML files).
  • It can render templates using any template engine.
  • It also has centralized HTTP error handling.


  • It can be used to build microservices in Golang.
  • It comes with a set of packages and best practices and provides Remote Procedure Call (RPC) safety, system observability, and infrastructure integration.
  • It combines multiple co-related packages to form an opinionated framework for constructing large Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs)
  • Sometimes the heavy use of interfaces brings an overhead of adding API to the service.


Golang Web Framework has served as a basis for developing new programming languages and to develop simple, speedy and scalable solutions for the cloud. Having an understanding of the project’s requirements can help in deciding which Golang framework to use in the next web project.

Our experts can help you fragment Golang FAQ’s like the slicing of bytes in uppercase, using fallthrough keyword, math.Lgamma() Function, math.Float64bits() Function, check equality of slices of bytes in Golang, atomic.AddInt64() Function in Golang, atomic.StoreInt64() Function in Golang, reflect.FieldByIndex() Function in Golang, string.Contains Function in Golang, bits.Sub() Function in Golang, converting a slice of bytes in lowercase in Golang, io.PipeWriter.CloseWithError() Function in Golang, using Import in GoLang, time.Round() Function in Golang, how to add a method to struct type, Converting a string variable into Boolean, Integer or Float type, check if the given slice is sorted, how to compare times, reflect.AppendSlice() Function and reflect.AppendSlice() Function and reflect.ChanOf() Function in Golang Web Framework. If intrigued or triggered with the best web development frameworks, reach out to us.

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