Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner

With our strategic partner program, you no longer need to worry about technical staff, their management, health, safety, pension, benefits, etc. You don't have to hire technical manpower and train or update their expertise for different technologies. You don't have to think about changing technology, new equipments, software licenses and upgrades. All you need to do as our Strategic partner is to focus on getting more and more business.

In this program we work in a joint venture, where you act as the front-end sales and marketing group while we act as the back-end technical development group. Profits are shared on a pre-agreed percentage basis.


  • No hassle of managing a team or overlooking project development or any technical aspects of the project.
  • Focus is required only on bringing business and closing project deals.
  • Extremely competitive pricing offered for projects to our strategic partners.
  • Enjoy the high-end quality services of a very experienced design and development team without the hassle of physically maintaining it.


  • Required to have a talented in-house business and sales team.
  • Required to have prior experience in dealing with clients and closing web and mobile business deals.
  • Required to have the necessary establishment and infrastructure.
  • Required to be able to provide regular business.


  • To enhance the reputation of our brand.
  • To bring regular web or mobile design and development business.
  • To pass on the complete project requirements to us.

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