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Enforce a superior support for your customers with Zendesk®.

Zendesk is a Saas suite that enhances your communication with your customers by turning every communication into a support ticket, for easy tracking and management.

You can provide everything to your customer support team at a single platform, allowing your customers to raise an issue via any of the following channels:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website
  • Facebook, Twitter & chat

Key Features of Zendesk.

Powerful Ticket Management.

Manage all the conversations of your customers from a single platform to avoid anything important being ignored. Ensure timely and accurate resolutions to your customers by easy organization, prioritization and engagement on support requests.

Let Customers Support Themselves.

Empower your customers build knowledge-base and discussion forums in your Zendesk for finding answers & creating conversations. Present an energetic online community to help your partners, employees and customers connect.

Stay Connected Every time,

Enable uninterrupted conversations through multiple support channels like phone, email, web, online chats, social media, smart phones, knowledge bases, community forums and others.

Get instant insight to your support activities.

Gain a clear and instant knowledge of your support team's performance, along with customer trends and enhance the support operation of your organization.

Retain the uniqueness of your brand.

Want to present a personalized experience on support desk? We are here to help to maintain the uniqueness of your brand. We help you personalizing you support desk to make it deliver your brand's feel and look. Thus, create a picture perfect experience for your customers.

Eliminate the gap amid support and all other departments.

Integrate your Zendesk with main business tools for an extension of data & conversations with your customers. Along with strong open API, we offer more than 90 marvelous integrations easing the connection of Zendesk with your critical business solutions.

Konstant Info, as an Authorized Solution Partner, are the go-to experts for Zendesk ®

We hold the best track record, delivering unbeaten Zendesk ® implementations for retail, fashion, e-commerce, telecommunication, IT and group buying industries.

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