Top Applications Built With Flutter Framework

It might be a SDK or a framework or the both of these, but what truly matters is that it makes performant applications, brings in the desired efficiency, scalability and flexibility!

Flutter is a cross-platform app development framework that comes with accessible native features and SDK. It is actively good looking at the features it provides which are comparable to that of React Native. Let’s have a quick introduction to Flutter and the potential differences between the framework and the SDK, and then we can go across to looking at some real-time Flutter Applications.

What is Flutter?

Flutter came along as an addition to the existing hybrid app development frameworks – popularly known as a UI software development kit by Google to create impressive, natively compiled apps for web, mobile, and desktop using a single codebase. It started as an open-source project and was later extended to support platforms like the web, Windows, Google Fuschia, and Linux. Flutter is also the primary source for developing applications for Google’s new operating system Fuschia. Flutter comes with Fast Development, Expressive and Flexible UI, Native Performance, DART Language, Important Flutter Tools – Widget inspector, Timeline view, Source-level Debugger, Logging View and many more.

Why is Flutter Used?

Flutter provides a fast and expressive way for developers to build native apps on both iOS and Android. It builds from a single codebase, compiles directly to the native arm code and makes use of GPU and accesses the platform API and services.

What is Flutter SDK?

Flutter is sometimes termed as an SDK or a UI framework. It is based on DART programming language and works just like an Android SDK which is based on Kotlin or Java programming languages.

What is Flutter Framework?

It is believed that developers interact with Flutter through the Flutter Framework, which provides a modern reactive framework in the DART language. It comes along with a rich set of platform, layout and foundational libraries, composed of a series of layers. Flutter architecture – from bottom to the top consists of basic foundational classes, the rendering layer, the widgets layer, the material and Cupertino libraries. Flutter framework is small, lightweight, is implemented with packages, includes platform plugins like camera and webview, platform-agnostic features like characters, HTTP and animations that build upon the core DART and Flutter libraries. In a way, Flutter SDK and Flutter Framework terms are used interchangeably.

Top Apps Built With Flutter

We are listing some premier applications of Flutter Framework here that depicts how well it is suited as a cross-platform mobile app development framework:

  1. Google Adwords (Google Ads): It is Google’s advertising system that allows businesses to place paid advertisements. The advertisers can bid on certain keywords to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, or videos to web users which makes certain clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results. This helps in getting more customers with easy online advertising. This is how Google makes money from search. Flutter Package configures Firebase AdMob plugin by Google to implement Google Adwords. More details on how to configure this plugin can be found here:
  1. Xianyu (Alibaba): Xianyu (Alibaba) is one of the biggest online e-commerce stores. It is built using Xianyu APK with Flutter for Android and iOS platforms. It is a popular customer-to-customer buy-and-sell platform with 50 Million+ users.
  1. Birch Finance, LLC: Birch is the #1 finance app that simplifies credit card rewards and keeps track of your spending. Developers have utilized Flutter Application Development to enable Birch Finance to find the best card for them with easy tracking across all the available accounts.
  1. Reflectly: Created in React Native, Reflectly was later migrated into Flutter App Development Framework. It is a personal journal that helps users’ write-down their daily thoughts. It makes use of artificial intelligence to offer the users with an overview of past days. It was required to cope up with the ever-increasing consumer base which Flutter has easily accommodated.
  1. Hamilton and Posse: Flutter has uplifted apps like these by helping them expand their audience with Android and iOS platforms. Hamilton Musical is feature-rich and also has a news update section, all this and much more was only made possible with Flutter Framework as developers found it easy to expand the customer database via this platform.

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FAQ’s Flutter Apps

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Conclusion: What We Gained From This Discussion?

Google once aimed to develop 120 frames per second to make everything swift on devices, and Flutter just proves it right. It is pretty much similar in popularity as React Native. It also enables developers to code across MAC, Windows, Web, and Linux. Konstant is one of the prominent investors in Flutter App Development Services and has been creating Flutter apps for multiple platforms. We have pumped in a few substantial projects in few years recently. Get all your queries answered by our experts.

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