Keynotes Behind Building an On-Demand App Like Uber for Haircuts

This account will help you check why users and barbers prefer “Uber for haircuts” apps to gain better control of their schedules!

Seeking budget option, convenience and on-demand grooming service might seem to be an example of compensatory justifications to some, others who have been witness to this in their own settings might believe the fact that mobile barbering or haircut on wheels service can turn out to be an efficient way to manage haircuts. In case we are confronted with iniquity, rather than fix it, sometimes our mind tends to adjust it out instead. If you’re not sure, simply rationalize the situation in a way that seems fair and ascertain:

  • Do you like waiting in line just for a simple trimming or hairstyling?
  • Would you prefer making use of an app instead of making a call for an appointment?
  • Would you like to choose your barber and an appropriate time slot for the cut/styling?

Taking a cue from the US public, around 90% of people usually go for a haircut once in two months. On an average, this can be figured out as 7, 00,000 haircuts every day. Mostly no one knows exactly when the parlor waiting rooms will be crowding in. Alternatively, there are times when barber shops are completely empty. But in any case, the barbers need to stick around just in case someone walks in. This situation can be extremely frustrating for everyone involved in the process.

The Stochastic Process Involved In Booking a Haircut

So, what happens when you finally succeed to find your seat and the barber shows you a hair styling catalog to choose your preferred haircut. That sounds great! You have more time to waste and describe the person how well to deliver the preferred cut or just how well the haircut went the last time (with the barber of choice), or simply give up and get something generic. Chances to get the same barber from last time can be dicey and your favorite style can even be harder to remember. A lot many odds can come together!

uber for haircuts

So, What Issues Can An On-Demand Haircut App Resolve?

An ideal haircut booking app can help in the following ways:

  • It can help users learn about local barbers from pictures and reviews.
  • Help users find the best available barber and get onto their schedules.
  • It can assist in setting and managing appointments based on users’ own needs.
  • Such an app can help users to easily communicate which haircut they are looking for and know the involved costs.
  • Users have the flexibility to make online payments via various modes.

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Introducing “Uber for Haircuts” for Hassle-Free Haircut Experience

Apps like Squire, acting more or less like “Uber for Haircuts” focus on consumer’s ability to request and arrange a haircut at their convenience – in effect bringing the barbershop to them. Barbers associated are tightly integrated with such apps, as they have to be relevant and meet a certain standard of talent and customer care; of course, the owners want only the best to work with their users. So let these apps do the legwork of finding the best barbers, reviewing their talent, understand their schedules, their work profile and getting them to work on the online app platform.

How Does Uber For Haircuts App Works?

On-demand apps like Uber must be able to select one (or a few) favorite barbers to bring your business to. They commit to rewarding the user with a professional, high-quality salon service. The salon, in effect, gets a chance to share their personal barber with a bunch of others on the haircut apps platform and gets to work together with the app for a haircut in coordinating schedules to keep them away from crowded waiting rooms, ensuring that users are able to catch empty seats.

What Issue Do Apps Like Uber For Haircut Help?

To start with, first of all, a user must pick up the right time-slot to get their haircut done. Alternately they might require half a day if they have to carry their family along with them. Finally, you’ll have to again wait for up to an hour for a chair and that too without a guarantee that they will get to see their favorite barber!

An online platform for haircuts will allow every user to select a barber of their choice, book an appointment, pay for the service via the app, get a haircut and review the experience with ease – all from a portable device.

Best app development agencies build on-demand apps for a haircut that matches busy professionals who value their time with experienced barbers who value their craft. According to the process, whenever a user needs a haircut and scans the Uber app for a haircut, latter (the app) works to find an available barber and an available spot for the service. An ideal option, in this case, might be a participating barbershop with one of our pre-approved barbers, or it might be to connect with one of our mobile barbers. This also depends upon the coordination between user and barber and to see what suits them well during a particular point of time. As the haircut app focuses on this combination, this as well helps in speeding the process, eliminates time lag and helps in filling empty barbershop chairs. This in return helps users to skip the waiting room. All set, this evens out the tiff between customers’ expectations and barbers’ schedules.

How Does Mobile Barbering Work?

While a trip to the next barbershop to get a haircut is more than just for the sake of grooming. Such places act as an attractor for collective conversations, neighborhood news, and occasional counseling. But the complexity and challenge to wait for your turn, there are people standing in long queues, waiting to be cut and therefore, forcing you to reschedule your haircut for another day. This often happens to be the case if you are loyal to a particular barbershop. But in case you don’t mind changing your barbershop often, then you probably will get to realize at some point that how inconvenient it is to shop for new ones.

It certainly happens to be the case with many black Britishers, for whom barber shops are a place to hang out, chat, discuss daily news and meet friends. But this to some extent is a great waste of time and has become a business idea behind starting up of mobile barber vans or barber shop on wheels.

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Once you make your appointment with the mobile barber shop, a nice, brightly colored van arrives down towards the leafy residential road, parks itself up in front of the garden house or garage.  As you acknowledge the van driver, latter pulls back the sliding door of the van and reveals a sparkling silver barber’s chair, a large mirror, a hairdryer and pots filled with a variety of scissors. Soon after a young man hops in and puts on an apron, syncing his phone to the speakers to get some music playing. The driver-cum-barber soon gets to work with his electric clippers in the tight space. The door is still wide open to let in some fresh air and sunlight.

Points to Consider Before Creating an On-Demand App for Haircut

Three points to consider mainly:

  • Recognize the necessity to create such an app, what problems it will resolve, who will be the target audience.
  • Can this solution ease out the haircut process and simultaneously be convenient for the consumers?
  • Will this on-demand solution for haircuts be beneficial in the future as well?

Reasoning Out: Idea Behind “Uber for Haircuts”

More often than not, the goal of creating an on-demand app for haircuts is to reach consumers who feel the pain of poor scheduling and long wait times, sub-standard haircuts – from people other than your favorite barber, and limited payment options – such as carrying large amounts of cash or handing your credit card over to strangers.

Working in the same way as on-demand food delivery app like Ubereats, Deliveroo, etc. such apps for a haircut on demand aim to secure high-quality haircuts wherever and whenever is convenient for the consumer, skipping the regular parlor regimen. Having barbers achieve work-life balance from more predictable schedules and a steady stream of quality customers. We have creamed off top app builders India who have expertise in creating apps that have been changing the haircut game since quite some time now. Request a free quote now!

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