Flexing Technology for Online Event Planning App Development

Get online event management apps developed for a centralized organization of all events that make people groove to the beats of the organizers and fumble for more trance!

As the Post-pandemic lockdown hits plan to get skeletal staff at work, there has been an urgent need to communicate online. Hosting a party can trick and tickle you sometimes. Organizing barrels of beer, tussle for water bottles, fireworks, fight for food and an add-on of music, lights, comfortable seating arrangements with an eye-catching party theme – enjoyments have to be planned with ease. It can be vast to offer the best to the guests, to know what the guests want and make them groove to your party beats. An unforgettable party, that offers the best wine in the town, has creative people to choreograph and sort the dance, music and activities requires some effort. A personalized party management app can help resolve the complexities of organizing birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, teen parties, receptions and more such events with ease.

How to Start With Event Management?

All you need to know is that who is going to be your target audience, what are the demographics, what is their age, and the technology that you are going to use, the fees that organizers are going to charge, the subscription fees that the users need to subscribe to for using the featured premium services by paying the specific amount of fees, sorting the commission from the third parties, optimizing the costing part, finding suitable suggestions on the fed party details – top town DJ, popular cuisine, party decorations and much more. Such a party management app is also helpful in pitching the branding part as it helps manage all the event proceedings swiftly, book the tickets, even drag the first time users to get into the app and look for updates.

Premier Features in Online Event Planning App System

Basic to Complex (depends upon the scalability of the platform)

  • User Registration
  • Creating an Event
  • Managing your Guests
  • On-site Search Option
  • Deciding the location of the event
  • Categories/Subcategories of the Event
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Diagramming and Seating
  • Content Management
  • Event Marketing
  • Event Registration Website
  • Room Block and Travel
  • Onsite Check-In and Badging
  • Mobile Event App
  • Appointments
  • Event Insights
  • Meeting Approval and Budgeting
  • Events Time of Happening
  • Number of Events
  • Based on the category selected by the user, they will be able to view the number of events listed under that category.
  • Setting Remainder
  • Once the user books for an event, he can choose to set the remainder for their event. When the users set the remainder for any event, they will be notified with the email id they used for the registration of the events.
  • Getting Direction
  • Booking Option to the user with invoice generation
  • Invite Friends

Features to Be Included in Event App Development for Hosting Parties

  • Sign Up/Login
  • Listing a Party
  • Schedule
  • Setting the Budget
  • Making a party directory with the guest data, party information, checking on to any third party references – for booking a hall/ground/discotheque, caterers, best wine servers, music and much more right from the app
  • Fixing a deal with the third-parties – the app helps to store and saving the data on fixed deals to avoid misunderstandings while making a payment or receiving a payment.
  • Setting the Menu online – The organizers can list and fix the party menu online to confirm and send it to the caterers.
  • Party Inventories – All the inventories required for party preparations can be managed by allocating its responsibilities to the team members.
  • Notifications – All the party guests and event organizers get notified about dates, budget, pending payments and any other thing relevant to the upcoming occasion.
  • Setting Reminders – The app allows setting reminders for the team members on this delegated task. These reminders also go to third parties to get ready with the booked orders.
  • Advertise – This feature allows advertising on the party management app.
  • Designing party tickets
  • Activating the booking tickets
  • Promoting Tickets
  • Making payments
  • Online RSVP
  • Chatbox 24*7
  • Report Generation

Features to be included in Event App Development for Seminars and Webinars (in addition to the basic features)

  • Mobile-Optimized
  • Group Registration
  • Payment
  • Flexible Discounts
  • Access Codes
  • Event URL
  • Email Confirmation
  • Automated Remainder
  • Sell Tickets

Features to Be Included in Event App Development for Managing Exhibition (in addition to the basic features)

  • Create an event
  • RSVP Tracking
  • Ticket scanner
  • Managing Sales
  • Managing the Guests
  • Exhibition inventories
  • Exhibitor catalogue
  • Sponsors catalogue
  • Connect attendees

Features to Be Included in Event App Development for Concerts and Plays (in addition to the basic features)

  • User Registration
  • Create an Event
  • Manage your Guests
  • On-site Search Option
  • Location
  • Category of Event
  • Events Time of Happening
  • Number of Events
  • Set Remainder
  • Get Direction
  • Booking
  • Invite Friends

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Compendium: What It Takes For Online Event Planning App Development?

Konstant has expert developers who are adept with archaic and modern technologies to build online event planning apps that can help in managing events in one place, saving time by automating many manual event management tasks. This helps increase attendance with fully-branded multi-channel marketing campaigns, ensure your success with powerful reporting, strategic integrations. This also helps to foster attendee engagement, sending custom content and capture data to better understand your attendees, targeted event email marketing, contact and profile manager, and exhibitor and speaker management, curate impactful session content, automated room block management. Additionally, event planning apps that we build can have features like custom contact fields, Group contact management, contact importing and exporting, contact search and merge functionality, pre-book appointments, event reporting, Real-time dashboards, attendee tracking and lead capture, live polling and surveys and self-service Access Portal. Catch up with the experts here.

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