Top Trending Web Development Frameworks in 2020

Get well versed with latest top trending best web development frameworks.

A customer not just requires a website or a mobile app they also look for the latest trends in the market and what their competitors are going for. It is not easy to satisfy them as a basic online presence is just not sufficient. Pacing up with latest technological innovations is equally important. Selecting a web development framework often becomes a scary affair especially when your customer is unsure about its features or you are diffident about its functionalities and effects that it can bring up in the developed application. Here is a list of most popular web development frameworks with cutting-edge technologies that will help to save time and cost:

Top Web Development Frameworks for 2020:

1) Angular

angular frameworkAngular is an open source javascript front-end framework.  Angular is a complete rewrite from the same team that built AngularJS. There can be some interesting and irresistible advantages of using Angular for all your upcoming development projects. After having used couple of JavaScript MVC libraries and with a generous experience of having worked with Jquery there is a silver lining which attracts us towards it.

Back in the day, you clambered with Jquery and simultaneous unstructured JavaScript code, it was all over the place but was not easy to read. With the added structure, templating, two-way data binding, AngularJS will bring more sense to JavaScript applications. It works wonders for single page applications, where this library will provide all the required things and you just have to ensure the correct use of the library.

Summing up, mostly website development services use small code pieces that can be beautifully integrated and present a dynamic application. A simple URL load parameter, to be used multiple times in an application and many more similar methods are now part of AngularJS.

This platform created lot of hype after all revamping and upgrading. Angular 2 was followed by Angular 4 and deserves to be the best Google Product which stays there for now. The latest stable release is 8.2.14 (as in November 2019as in February 2019)

Why to use Angular

  • Develop Across All Platforms
  • Speed & Performance
  • Incredible Tooling
  • Loved by Millions

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2) Laravel Open-source PHP Web Framework

Laravel FrameworkLaravel reposes PHP codes. Since its release 6 years back, it has taken the web world by storm. Latest is version 5.7.25 (as of Feb 2019), released in August 2017. Support for Model View Controller (MVC) makes it compatible with many other built functions to select from better development architecture.

From handling packages to composer dependency tools Laravel has got so much to offer. It integrates lightweight blade templating engine, provides ORM, routing and queue library. Above all, Laravel authentication library makes it a highly adorable and safe environment to work. Laravel one of the best backend php web development frameworks. Latest stable release is 6.9.0  (as in December 2019)

Why to use Laravel 

  • Quick development for big projects
  • Open source Framework
  • Template engine
  • MVC Architecture support

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3) React (A Javascript Library for designing UI)

reactjsReact is a powerful front-end javascript framework . It provides a lot of value to the right audience. Developing in ReactJS is not only going to be easy, but it is also going to be worth it. Although it is not a full blown network solution, however, has all the capabilities of JavaScript library. Reusing existing code and virtual DOM makes performance clear and overall rich user experience. Rich in design, configuration and debugging tools, ReactJS can be fun to use in a real development environment. It gels up well with JSX (a correct mix of HTML and JavaScript) and simultaneously prevents injection attacks. Does JSX violate with ReactJS? Well, it may or may not. It’s a matter of separation of concerns. Latest stable release is 16.12.0 (as of November 2019)

Why to use React

  • Declarative
  • Component-Based
  • Learn Once, Write Anywhere

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4) Node.js

nodejs frameworkJavaScript is the cornerstone of client-side scripting and forms the core for startups as well as established enterprises. It has quickly become a major tool for backend as well as cross-platform mobile app development. It wins in case of speed, scalability, support and learning curve and is undoubtedly preferred by most of the startups. Node.js is open source, javascript runtime environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser. This works equally well for Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) as well as for heavy CPU applications. It uses is appreciable for even driven web applications which require a dedicated connection from the server to user and back. Additionally, it fills up the client-server gap by re-using the entire available gap. Latest stable release 13.5.0 (as in December 2019)

Why to use Node.js

  • Easy Scalability
  • Easy to Learn
  • Full Stack JS
  • Higher performance

5) Ruby on Rails

ruby on railsComes with ready-made plugins, developers do not have to waste time on boiler-plate codes. It encourages test driven and behavior development and with the test suite that encourages many useful testing features including expectation syntax, mocking and test benchmarking. No coding from scratch is actually required as it allows you to add features subsequently. Testing is easy with simple assembling. It uses the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. It can scale up to entertain all the users that come on its app/website. Moreover, it is free to be used and runs on the Linux platform. Latest stable release is (as in December 2019).

Why to use Ruby on Rails

  • It’s time-efficient
  • It’s cost-effective
  • It’s scalable
  • It’s secure

6) Express Framework

expressjs frameworkExpress is a durable and popular web development framework for Node.JS that adorns the application with a kernel of web application characteristics along with principal characteristics of Node.JS. It promotes dynamic mobile app development, a rooted API with an express web app development framework. It is free, open-source and designed for creating web applications and API’s. It is standardized server framework for Node.JS. The latest stable release is 4.17.1 (as in May 2019)

Why to use Express Framework

  • Consistent Routing to modules
  • Consistent Middleware interface
  • Handling for things like postdata, session management, static file serving, etc.

7) Django REST Framework

django frameworkDjango is a well-established open source python framework and suitable for creating classy web applications with speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Based on Model-View-Template (MVT), it can be used to create database operated websites in all sizes. It becomes a durable solution when combined with plugins. Latest stable release is 3.0.2 (as in January 2020)

Why to use Django

  • Ridiculously fast
  • Reassuringly secure
  • Exceedingly scalable

8) Spring Framework

spring frameworkIt is one of the most popular mvc web application development framework for Java applications. It helps in building manageable, compact, durable and resilient JVM based systems. Based on the Model View Controller (MVC), Spring framework in Java enables the developers to focus on application-level custom reasoning without any redundancy. Latest stable release is 5.2.2 (as in December 2019)

Why to use Spring Framework

  • Build Anything with Spring Boot
  • Spring Cloud – coordinate anything
  • Spring Cloud Data Flow – Connect the enterprise to the internet of anything

9) Meteor (Web Framework)

meteor-frameworkIt suits well with cross-platform mobile and web applications with speedy prototyping. Based on JavaScript, it uses most of the libraries, modules and thus requires very less code. It is a perfect match for e-commerce web applications that integrate payment gateway option. Latest stable release is 1.8 (as in October 2018)

Why to use Meteor Framework

  • Ship more with less code
  • Build apps for any device
  • Integrate technologies you already use

10) Flask (A Python Microframework)

flask-framework1Based on Python, it is one of the most powerful and one of the best web development framework that does not make use of any tools or libraries (which is why it is called as microframework). Also known as full stack Python, Flask does not feature any abstraction layer, any kind of form validation or any other components where pre-existing third-party libraries provide common functions. It is useful in making more explicit web applications. Latest stable release is 1.0.2 (May 2018)

11) Phoenix (Elixir)

phoenix frameworkIt is one of the best backend development frameworks that operates Erlang’s Virtual Machine (VM) and is helpful in high-grade utilization of resources. It accompanies the MVC model on the server front. It increases the execution of an API set and lessens latency in execution. Latest stable release is 1.4.0 (as in November 2018)

Why to use Phoenix

  • Battle-Proven Technology
  • Productive
  • Reliable
  • Fast

12) Play Framework

play-frameworkIt is an advanced web application development framework for creating applications in Java and Scala. Based on MVC design, features carnal code reloading, presentation of errors in the browser, optimizes code richness, it gives the minimum and anticipated resource depletion (CPU, memory, threads) for profoundly scalable applications. The compiler and runtime (JVM) are able to do massive scaling so that the apps operate quickly and pressure can be handled. The latest stable release is 2.7.3 (as in June 2019)

Why to use Play Framework

  • Developer friendly
  • Solid & fast
  • Massive ecosystem
  • Proven in production


A decision about which programming language to use depends upon systematic marketing research; the popularity of a programming language keeps on changing with changes in people’s preferences. If you have a great app idea, something that you believe will be loved and appreciated by consumers everywhere, or you wish to stumble upon a service that isn’t being offered by anyone else, one that is desperately needed. This is the opportunity to fill the demand-supply gap, so do not hesitate, don’t look back, just give a straight dive!

Hey, wait! Before you shift your gears, there is a need to determine whether the technology you’re looking for (to develop the app) is in demand, skipping this step can cause serious repercussions and business owners simply do it just as they do not wish to hear any negative feedback. A risk tampering is required to get convinced about the technology suitable for the app if it is in demand and if it is illustrated with features that are going to create waves!

At Konstant, we sell the benefits (of apps that we create) and not simply the features of the technology being used. Trust us to serve you with apps that lift your business. Know more here!

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