Hiring Dedicated Mobile Application Developers in 2020

Hire Dedicated Team of Mobile App Developers in 2020+ and help your business go mobile with efficiency

Mobile applications have become an essential first step towards branding a business. Right from having a significant effect on app adopters’ and their subsequent brand purchase behaviour, it is to be analyzed whether adopter’s spending levels will change after they use a brand’s app? Some rare findings suggest that according to a recency effect, spending levels of the customers who discontinue the mobile app usage decrease. Then there are sticky apps based on the hooked-model which attract continuing uses acting as a pervasive marketing tool. These are portable, convenient, and interactive and bring great engagement opportunities, allowing customers to interact with the brand on a habitual basis. Firms must always follow the practice of prioritizing a mobile app to communicate with their customers. Feature-rich, functional apps must always be accompanied by a good interactive design interface to keep the audience interested and earn brand experience with company revenues.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Businesses

Hiring a dedicated team of professionals depends upon a few factors like the type of the project, technologies that are required for development, the time and budget constraints and the staffing needs.

  • Provide more value to your customers
  • Build a Stronger Brand
  • Connect Better with Customers
  • Boost Profits
  • Inform users of new products and offers
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Reach out to younger demographics
  • Sync users’ email and social media accounts

The Dedicated Team Model

While web development is premiering, mobile application development is on their way ahead stealing the spotlight as an increasing number of smart-phone users prefer using browsers instead of dedicated apps. A dedicated team of mobile app developers work as intelligence operatives, plotting a daring heist to crack off all developmental complexities.

dedicated team model

The Need to Hire a Team of Dedicated Developers

With people socializing, playing games and studying online, mobile apps usage has spiked in lockdown. As more and more people are logged into smartphone applications for everything, ranging from video-calls to studies to gaming and even shopping – all this brings good news for iOS and Android Mobile Developers. New modes to communicate like Houseparty and Zoom are being explored, more than ever before. Established large social media platforms like TikTok, mobile game PUBG, Youtube, Facebook, MX Player, Amazon, Myntra and Tinder etc. Online Shopping Applications, Video-calling Applications, Video-Streaming Applications are being used more than ever before. With all the time to devise a better way to circumvent the challenging technologies and rattling markets, speculations about the demand and their shifting focus are ripe. They might be in favour of platform-independent jobs that can reach all users regardless of the OS or device type.

Things to Consider While Hiring Dedicated Developers

  • App developers to be hired must understand the business requirements and be interested in your business.
  • The development team must be adept with technologies in demand and must have excellent UI/UX skills, troubleshooting skills.
  • References and past client communication must be checked.
  • Sticking to the time and budget constraints
  • A team with efficient developers, and people who can do usability, testing and design should be picked instead of independent developers.

How to hire dedicated developers?

To make the hiring process productive, dedicated developers can be searched into the offshore companies that offer software development outsourcing, from search engines by referring the reviews and ratings and references via past experiences.

What should be done after short-listing the team?

  • Check their portfolios
  • Find out their expertise – programming languages, tools, databases on which they have worked
  • You are likely going to find dedicated developers from offshore outsourcing destinations located in different time zones. It is important to adjust according to their time zones, language, and cultural differences.
  • The foremost measure is to communicate with the team on calls (voice, video), text messages on phone and skype etc.

How to get started with a dedicated development team?

  • Once the right candidates are selected, it is important to agree upon mutual working hours, create a well-defined development plan and set the deadlines for each phase/task.
  • To set up the priority schedules and assigning the tasks on a daily and weekly basis
  • To motivate the team, adequate reporting and promoting communication
  • To ensure security standards by having a non-disclosure agreement in advance
  • To maintain the advanced authentication systems preventing any sort of security breach
  • To try and create a sync between the work culture, language and socialization.
  • Managing projects, people employed and shuffling and assigning of tasks
  • Making best use of the technology-based tools (for management and project planning) to collaborate and communicate with the dedicated developers

Collective: The Need, Challenges, Considerations, Demand to Hire Dedicated Developers

Required expertise, optimization of resources, working within the budget and with dedication, clarity in understanding the requirements and considering the time and budget constraints is important to make a well-timed and informed decision before starting with a project. Konstant works with a singular focus to serve our clients, adapting to the industry’s best practices and helping them gain better ROI at minimal risks. Get to grips with our effective engagement model and nip at your strategic goals by hiring the best team of dedicated developers from us. Connect with us to know more!

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