How Much Does a Magento Website Development Cost?

You may have possibly landed here as you are in the process of developing a Magento eCommerce website. Are you ready with your site plan? Or looking to devise and implement your idea in a more modern way?

Ideally, the cost of getting a Magento store built is a major concern for every business owner. Because you’re not sure of the price you’re paying to the website design company, many times, you end up paying much more than what it actually costs and what you expected.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place as at Konstant Infosolutions, we are open and transparent about the cost of building a website/ mobile app and the work we deliver within the price range. So, to help you make the right investment and get the right results, we have prepared a complete guide on how much does a Magento eCommerce website development cost.

As you read through, you will get to know why Magento is the most preferred platform for an eCommerce website and how much you finally need to pay for an online shopping website.

Why Magento?

Magento is the worldwide leader in digital commerce innovation.

Not just a promotional one liner, but the leading eCommerce brands on the planet advocate why most online businesses rely on Magento – Rosetta Stone, Daddies, Mothercare, Alex and Ani, HallHuber, Bvlgari, Nike, Easton, Liverpool FC, Rebecca Minkoff, Pepe Jeans, Zoetis, Olympus, Nicole Miller, Kurt Geiger and so on. The list is endless.

Technically, Magento offers everything an eCommerce site demands to display an infinite catalog of variable products, an easy and simple checkout, smooth navigation, quick page loading and what not. From user dashboards to inventory management to a personalized CMS to advanced shipping to a cutting-edge product bundling, your website is a complete package when built on Magento platform.

Alongside, Magento’s extensible API makes it easy to integrate third-party apps and to customize your eCommerce store as per the products and services you offer. It is inherently fast in loading website pages, retrieving data from large databases, processing queries providing an exceptionally effortless user experience.

Open-source and SEO-friendly, this eCommerce platform allows you to run multiple websites on the same common backend system and control all of them via a single unified admin panel.

Since now you better know the undisputed benefits of using Magento, let’s us further know how the costing varies with your website requirements.

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How much does it actually Cost?

It is to be noted that before the development process, clients do buy a Magento theme for their website, which includes an additional investment apart from the development cost a company estimates. There are a lot of online vendors that sell innovative and modern Magento themes.

A Magento ecommerce website development company encompasses the cost of workforce manpower of Developer, Designer, Project Manager, Quality Analyst and other overhead expenses of important tools, electricity and maintenance costs.

Magento Community Edition Website Cost- $7,000 to $15,000

Any website that incorporates a payment gateway becomes an eCommerce site. Enterprise Edition is an open-source commerce platform for developers and small businesses. This option is suited for companies that are shifting from a hosted platform and starting from scratch. For a basic eCommerce website with primary functionality only, your eCommerce store will be limited to:

basic Magento functionality including addition of products, configuring the payment method, page management
support for nearly all languages and currencies
simple design/theme
access to Magento Community website
a sorted and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS)
no back office integration- not allowed to customize and integrate any third-party APIs

Magento Enterprise Edition Website Cost- $10,000 to $25,000

Meant for fast-growing and large businesses as it provides the most scalable and high-performance digital commerce solutions. It keeps your business ahead of complex commerce operations and increasing customer demands. From content to shipping and deployment to dashboard, you can personalize almost every screen as per your commerce requirements. It provides:

Personalization and customization to all levels
Displaying content as per your requirements and needs- content staging
Applying product filters
Flexible and easy deployment options
Optimized Page caching
Easy-to-use admin with custom dashboard
Catalog Management
Full Site and Content Management
Free professional customer support
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The average hourly price for developing a Magento eCommerce store is: $15-$25 .

The cost further varies (increases) as per business requirements and enhancements, which is then calculated: hourly price ($) * number of hours invested .

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We, at Konstant Infosolutions, have a team of Certified Magento Developers capable of developing the most customized Magento eCommerce websites for businesses of all sizes, all types in all industries. We are there to assist you anytime with your eCommerce startup or if you want to upgrade your online shopping store.

Send us an email anytime or call us; we would turn your retail business into a most commonly-searched eCommerce store.

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