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Dating app, Patkor, entitled as ‘The Tinder of Southeast Asia’ moves to the next level by introducing a live steaming video feature, as it signed a merger deal with a Taiwanese startup.

Of course, the article is not about dating apps or Patkor, it’s to highlight the popularity of live-streaming in mobile apps. Facebook Live, Instagram,, Periscope, Streamago and many more have made live streaming simple and one-touch operation. Live streaming video apps are not a new concept though. Streaming is a lot older in its origins when Word Power magazine featured streaming soundtracks online in 1995. They primarily focused on audio content.

But today, the face of streaming has completely uplifted. It has gone beyond the confines of commercial streaming like Netflix and social media platforms like YouTube. If you have a business website or a mobile app, you can stream live videos on it, embedding a recorded video file or embedding the video on the page. Interestingly, we now have mobile apps dedicated to live streaming with a seamless video quality.

Why does your business need a live streaming app?

As there is a steep rise in mobile video viewing, live streaming apps can be a great source for businesses and people to do their branding, reach out to more audience and monetize. In fact, many of the movie and television stars are using the live streaming video feature of Facebook and Instagram to connect with their fans and thus, grow their brand value as an individual.

Facebook has become the best go-to place for brands and media to upload videos and users to watch them because we have mobile devices that can record in HD and stream over 4G/fast Wi-Fi.

Now is the chance to have a prime hand in the market as this is one of the most emerging and favorite elements of the media and entertainment industry today. Here’s some benefits businesses of all sizes can gain from live streaming:

Better exposure

Together with exposing your brand to the potential customers, you can also use live streaming to educate people on how to use your products and services and make them aware of the various benefits users can have from using your products. You can bring forth some amazing elements of your service, connecting with the audience in a much better way and answering to their concerns instantly on the live app.

It makes interaction so much fun and meaningful.

Urgent offers and announcements

What more can internet offer than letting you announce and show a product launch live to your audience? If you have any limited-time offer, tap on the live streaming video app and share it with your customers. They’ll rush to your online store to make a rewarding purchase before the offer ends.

So, anything urgent, just go onboard with a live video.

Tangible content

Pushing around the smart and well-informed audience of millennials isn’t easy. You can’t just finish it off with a promotional article and a logo. There has to be something more stimulating- and a livestreamed video is the best to share rich and tangible content with all types of audience. Kids and adults love to watch more than reading.

What’s so good about Periscope?

Capitalizing on all these significant factors, a groundbreaking app named Periscope instituted a new concept of broadcasting through live videos. It was acquired by Twitter in 2015. With Periscope, you can go live on-the-go anytime and anywhere. It’s like your personal broadcast station- a live streaming app that allows users to have video conversations directly from their Android and iOS devices that can further be broadcast publicly. Any user who joins the broadcast can see your live video. The video streams up for 24 hours after which it is removed from the app.

Later, this video can be used as an ordinary video as it automatically gets saved on your device. You can re-watch it, publish it online, share with family, friends, colleagues and business partners. Essentially, this can open up to many potential opportunities for business groups to show most meaningful content about their products and services to viewers, which can later be illustrated to employees, clients and business partners.

Periscope is easy and productive. Your audience can watch your live videos via Twitter feeds and can share their comments and likes. A comment on a live video can prove to be extremely valuable as you, as a business owner, can know viewer’s interest and feedback while you share launch of a new product or service, the amendments you’ve brought to the previous ones, creating a buzz for any upcoming event, promotional offers, news-y moments and much more.

How can businesses cash in on through live streaming video apps?

  • To promote a new product/service
  • To inform their existing customers about novel changes in an existing product
  • To educate your potential customers through live demos on how to use your product and services
  • To run a sport app like a cricket score app, showing score of a live match, to broadcast a live football match happening in your society or club
  • To provide online consultation- as an educator, corporate trainer, medical expert, astrologer, as a business expert
  • To exhibit a fashion show, personal creations
  • To highlight a social dispute, a wrongful act around

Regardless of your niche, we will help to develop a groovy live streaming video app like Periscope for your business, enterprise or personal purpose.

Now that you’ve known how live streaming can bring you more traffic and conversions, we’d give you an insight into how an app is built answering to your prime queries including the real cost of development, what all features do a live streaming app need, how should you proceed and everything else.

What all is a great live streaming app composed of?

Naturally, there are few common features that every mobile app includes these days namely social login, customized content, feedback system, push notification, chat support, and a live streaming app is no exception to this.

However, there are certain key elements that are fundamental to a top-selling live streaming video app. Here’s the rundown:

Real-time messaging: Sharing a live video is worthwhile only when a business owner/app owner receives live feedback from the viewers. For instance, if you are rolling out a video of your clothing collections, instant messages by the audience -how they like it, what could be improved, does that sequence work and glitters attract them- will leave you with some valuable data about user’s likes, preferences and choices.

Live video broadcasting: For broadcasting and live video capture, device camera will be enabled and the app will support all the camera features including flash, zoom, rear and front camera.

Integration of messaging apps: As you can share the broadcast link with your potential customers, friends and colleagues, the app must be integrated with messaging apps like Dropbox, Chant on, WhatsApp, Bluetooth, Gmail. Google+ and others.

GPS mapping: A company showing their video can have the option to target it to a specific geographic location and thus, including a map view will be a wise choice.

Category management: App owners will be allowed to choose from a range of categories to which the video belongs.

Screen setting: More advancement in an app means a higher level of customization. In a live streaming app like Periscope, the app owner can personalize their videos by adjusting the video quality, audio quality, video resolution, choosing to broadcast privately or publicly like similar to that in YouTube and alike.

Animations: To make your video more interesting and winning, you can add animations to it that can translate to different ways of showing user likes. Just like Instagram uses a red heart to show a user has liked the post.

The real cost of development

The cost of developing an app varies as per the features/elements included in it. If you hire a mobile app development company like ours, for every mobile app, the cost covers developer’s cost, cost of other workforce including project manager, business analyst, designer, quality analyst involved in the project, hardware and software costs and other overhead expenses.

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From our experience in developing live streaming app development, the average cost of development will range between $20k-$30k. The variation may be due to the features you choose to be added to your app.

While many of the top-notch brands like Red Bull, Dunkin Donuts, EA Sports have joined hands with Periscope and embraced the several marketing strategies of this live streaming app to engage with their current potential customers, earn more followers and grow their business, you can have your own. It’s easy when we are here. Our experts can groom your idea into a much-loved app product.

In your case, you are already a step ahead since you’ve found the right app development partner- and that’s us. To proceed, you can contact our team and our representatives will get back to you at the earliest. We ‘d be glad to take up a challenging opportunity- be it a from a startup, an enterprise or an established brand- we serve you all with a pixel perfect solution.

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