Java vs Python: Chalk Out the Victor

Java has the scientific credentials to be a player in IT Industry…Do we need a Plan B for Survival of Python?

Java might be the fastest but Python is the smallest. And above everything, programmers like Python for being as simple, and they as well do not require to remember much. But it lacks good multi-threading facility in comparison to Java. While Java is widely used for Android, Python can be used for reducing the length of the code. Java is mature and consistent. Wondering how to get started? Here is a primer on what you need to know while we build Java application or during python development.

There are a lot of scrummy projects getting forked on GITHUB, about which the people are most excited about. A lot many of them are pinned in Java and Python. Out of the most popular and trending Java repositories – apache/incubator dubbo, iluwatar/java-design-patterns, and zxing/zxing are some of them.

Crashing all the myths and hype, Python is a very simple high-level programming language with a syntax that is free from all kinds of ambiguity. Python encourages programmers to write a more systematic, semantically correct and prepared (boilerplate) code. Python 3.7.0 is more accurate as compared to Python 2.0. There are simple differences in syntax and semantics. With the latest version of Python, if you want to print something, just type print and you are all set.

There are plenty of differences that channelize programmers towards Java or towards Python. While Java has always enjoyed single large corporate sponsor, Python is way more distributed.

Java 8 Update 181 CPU is the latest version of Java according to Information on this page based on Oracle Critical Patch Updates (CPU) and Security Alerts. CPU are collections of security fixes for Oracle products. These are released on the same date on Oracle Technology Network (OTN) and Security alerts for Java 7 release are listed here.

Print Text in Java

public class NewHi


public static void main(String[] args)


// Prints “Hi all” to the terminal window.

System.out.println(“Hi all”);



Print Text in Python

Print (“Hi all!”)

Everything needs to be written in a class in Java which this is not the case with Python, although both follow object-oriented paradigm. String functions like lstrip (), rstrip (), etc. are better in Python than in Java.

Most of the formalities that revolve around defining a constructor explicitly can be done by extending the base class.

With Python, there is no requirement of import classes to understand, read files and handle exceptions. Only two lines of code are all that is required.

Both Java and Python have great cross-platform support, deep standard libraries and immutable strings.  Both are two prime programming languages, which are used to create sophisticated apps due to their efficiency, versatility and automation capabilities. One of the major differences in Java vs. Python is that Java is statically typed while Python is dynamically typed.

While the use of server-side technology is known as strength of Python, these come in form of Servlet and JSP for Java. There are some really cool frameworks like struts, spring and hibernate for web development in Java. Extending the conversation further, J2EE technologies are made out of components which are self-contained and assembled into the applications in form of classes and files that communicate with each other.

Major client and server-side technologies like J2EE, JSP, Servlets, AJAX, Adobe Flash, Model-view-controller and Libraries – Struts, Apache Tiles, Hibernate, WebORB, DWR, DisplayTag, PD4ML, FCKEditor, and ANT make use of Java.

But major Linux distribution like Debian and Fedora make use of dynamic language interpreters like Python and Perl.

Major tech giants like Google and Apple chose Python to extend their support in form of tools and App Engine Platforms. Python is now being shipped as the only dynamic language interpreter as part of MAC OS X.

Python has long been counted as the major language choice along with C/C++ for building many other infrastructure level tools like Fedora and OpenStack. Python can prove handy in case of multimedia development. Its Natural Language Toolkit is a hugely powerful resource for many data mining applications being used in the banking and financial sector.

Python tools like Greenlets and Gevent permit vast asynchronous IO capabilities with a threading-like programming style. The tweaking that is going around the code is just to enable programmers to go easy with the coding and comprehend it easily.

Python 3.3 and onwards release improves upon a lot of error messages (an option to modify PATH in the Windows installer and the Python launcher) and Unicode allows it to be audible to its audience. Python 3.4 improves the ability to switch the encoding of the stream and restores some convenience API for the non-Unicode related uses of the encoding and decoding methods in Python 2.

Some Quick Inquiries – Java vs. Python

  • How is Python different from Java?
  • Java is compiled by JVM whereas python is a scripted language which is interpreted at runtime.

  • How is Python different from .net?
  • Python is a multi-purpose programming language which is an open source where .net is a Microsoft’s framework which is not open-source and supports mobile, web and desktop application development.

  • What are the similarities (if any) between python and java?
  • Both are object-oriented languages

  • Which technology would you select for your next project?
  • It depends upon the project, if rapid development is required, Python would be preferable, as code size of python is 10-15 times less as compared to Java. If the speed of compiled code and security of bytecode is a critical part for the project, Java would be preferred.

  • Top web development companies have been making apps in Python such like Dropbox, Spotify, BitTorrent Ubuntu Software Center, Instagram, YouTube, Calibre, OpenStack, Reddit, World of Tanks, Quora etc.
  • Top development companies have have been making use of Java for apps like UltraMixer, Blue-ray Disc Association, ThinkFree cloud office, NASA world wind etc.

Being a close contender to PHP, Python acts as a throwster with neatly lined up object-oriented orientation, best classes and functions and a love for internationalization and Unicode support. With the ease to create variables, functions and other conditionals, programmers are not barred for creating reusable modules.

Although PHP Development Services has an established base, but this has more to do with its focus on web and popularity on hosting servers than anything else.


This blog comes as a respite as one goes move rounding while selecting one amongst Java vs. Python. As it resolves many quick problems like arithmetic, a binary distribution, dependency management, and concurrency a lot many Java Developers have been turning towards python development nowadays. Moreover, it is open source general-purpose language (Web, GUI, Scripting, etc.), Object-Oriented, Procedural, Functional, easy to interface with C/Objective C/Java/Fortran, easy to interface with C++ (via SWIG), readable and interactive and emerges as a winner in the development jargon.

We are a set of the terribly imaginative bunch who wield position of strength well while battling (coding). If you are looking for a technology partner who can guide you around Python vs Java, give us a call or an email, if we can’t convince you, no one can!

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  1. Odin says:

    are you sure this qualifies to be a “latest” post? the three links provided date back to 2012 & 2013! and the java 8 you are talking about has been almost universally ditched by all browsers. how can you even compare a plugin with python? it should be java jdk 11

    • Thanks for informing us. Java jdk 11, released on September 25, 2018 is the latest version and is open for bug fixes currently. Java SE 12 is going to be released in March 2019.

  2. tyler Johnson says:

    Kotia you are pretty, resourceful and smart. Kudos.

    • Thank you Tyler Johnson :). I really enjoyed writing it. We always try to portray cognitive perspective and debunk the effectiveness of the technology.Thank you for showing faith, expect you will watch our back continuously.

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