Remote WorkPlan: Effective Approach to Confront Covid-19 Head-on

Setting the flexibility to work, schedule, location and salary straight, the organizations have embraced the renaissance of remote working tools to confront COVID burnout effectively!

Continuing with low-cost social restrictions, such as social distancing, non-contact greetings, cocooning of the elderly and the vulnerable, restricting large gatherings and promoting handwashing, we rationalize chipping in the remote work statement to continue with our business.

The COVID Conundrum

The rise in remote work-culture is a consequence of the asymptomatic spread of Covid-19. Even the concerted efforts by the world’s scientists community and the lockdown policy responses couldn’t sustain and ended up leaving the world worse off overall. Covid-19 can have a very large negative impact on us. Like many people, in the absence of proper medication and sanitization are on the verge of losing their lives, let alone their livelihood, casualties can be serious.

The Measured Efforts – By People, By Businesses

To reduce the impact of Corona we simply need to reduce the transmission of the disease. According to moderate and strict policies of social distancing, urging the states to implement sustainable lockdowns, as breaking it – would cause the cost to outweigh the benefits, and also if broken before time, they will help little.

As we keep talking about the new norm, it hasn’t seeped in as a ‘normal’ yet but is in process of wishy-washy’ing how our personal and professional lives look now and in coming future. Working from home is a critical enabler of business and economic continuity. Even amongst global crises, dedicated developers are reporting greater productivity and higher job satisfaction, which is translating into large scale profitability for their employers.

Facilitating Information Management

When organizations facilitate information through software instead of file cabinets, there’s no more waiting to do a certain task or have a certain conversation until you’re back in the office. This way employees and employers can equally access documents, people, and decisions right from their home office. Continuity to a business in true sense can only be achieved with uninhibited workplace access.

Effect of Geographical Distribution on The Team

The work cannot be defined by location or timings in case the team members are geographically far apart. There has to be enough flexibility to work considering conflicting meeting schedules, time zone gaps, or household interruptions. The communication is often asynchronous (at least, initially) when every member on board tries to match and suit up with the assigned priorities, be on time and updated with the latest and emergent details, fulfil the gaps and keeping up the information sharing and flow as usual.

Tracking the Work Results

Sensory-based traditional methods of monitoring employees within office environments may often confirm that the employer has a straight-eye on the employee and the latter must always be “heads down” at their respective desks. Traditional Managers might feel the lack of regular activity monitoring but a reversal in outlook by simply focussing on results, deliverables, learnings and reports – instead of every minute of activity would enable positivity and a definite level of respect for employees at all levels.

The “New Normal”

We need not be in a real-time business setup to be able to work. As we adopt new ways to communicate, to work and celebrate the immense contributions that we’re making to our companies and industries, Covid-19 has introduced new challenges for businesses that haven’t been using remote workforce lately, or even doing the majority of their work digitally. Both employers and employees are in this together and they share significant responsibilities to make the remote work more productive. As the future holds digital-dependency, and every industry will be triggered by computer commands, therefore technology workers need to experiment with the remote working team environment some more. And certainly, holding back by following the wrong examples (only) will lead to missing out on more confident and promising rewards.

Do we need more tools and software to work?

We do need some tips and tricks to polish the way we have been working from home. A gamut of software like Google Suite of Tools, Microsoft Suite of Tools, Slack, Skype and some Time Monitoring Applications will all put the remote work option in reach for most businesses. All these inputs in the workplace allow businesses to enforce standards, transparency, regulation and optimize efficiency. But it is the means of communication that have to be optimal and efficient.

Sum-Up: To what extent do the remote workforce solutions ensure business continuity?

It takes a bit more communication and accountability on part of both employees and employers when it comes to using the work-from-anywhere option for fulfilling job priorities. If employees have to work across time zones or be located anywhere in the world, they still need to clear that arrangement with their managers and come up with legible plans to make it work, especially if they are not working at the same time as their co-workers. It also takes a huge amount of responsibility to ensure that the arrangement is a productive, effective and collaborative one. Enjoy the no-risk trial period and hire remote developers from Konstant within 48 hours. Contact us here.

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