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What are the primary elements that influence the cost of developing a coupon app? Know all the details here.

Would you like to move ahead with your app idea? Do you have any clue how an app is built? Who would you choose- an in-house team or a developer who stays nearby? How will you proceed to hire app developer that will prove worthwhile? Do you know how much mobile application development costs you?

If unknown, this will surprise you.

There are a lot of ways to start with your app development. We’ll take you through a real-time process that will turn out to be most insightful and provide the integral pointers to turn your app idea into a victorious reality within the set budget and timeline.

None of us can deny the gospel that mobile apps share a multi-million dollar share of the market, not only from millennials but also from children and baby boomers. No industry is left from the goods that the mobile app technology has brought in terms of generating high ROI, converting maximum sales, attracting more traffic to the products and services businesses offer.

It’s an all-too-common for startups, enterprises and brands to develop a mobile app for starting a new venture or pursuing a family business. To stay competitive, the app development demands inclusion of advanced features like location-based services, in-app purchases, payment integration, push notification, refer a friend mechanism, social login in almost every app, regardless of the industry you work for.

As people have chosen apps for their convenience, many of them also download a new app just to take that 20% off on their first purchase from the app. The strategy of offering discounts and coupons have come a long way as the apps that offer great deals are user’s favorite. So, this time instead of discussing discount/coupon as an added feature to an app, we will focus on how much does it cost to build a coupon app.

‘For extreme couponers, a penny saved is a penny earned.’ And today, this goes well with every user out there, no matter what market he/she surfs. Overspending is a common phenomenon among millennials and to compensate those extra dollars from the budget, there is no chance that they can let go any deal or coupon code.
So why not develop a coupon app of your own?

If you’re looking to develop a coupon app, you must be familiar with brands like SnipSnap, Checkout 51, SavingStar, Ibotta. These mobile apps have provided an excellent interface for users to lay away money every time they shop online or visit a store.

These apps have made a phenomenal use of mobile technology that people no more have to carry that crumpled paper to the stores. They can rather take a photo of that coupon and submit it at the billing counter. The printed coupon turns into a mobile-ready coupon.

There are other features that can enhance the app and intrigue more customers to download and use your business app.

Should I start building the app myself?

This is asked to us by many startup owners and mid-sized enterprises. The answer we have is yes, of course, you can start to develop the app, but eventually, you would be coming to us or approach any other trusted app development company across the globe. Reason being the not-so-dedicated nature of your work and lack of expertise in developing an app. You may be apprised of the latest technology trends, but may not know the core technical element as it has never been your forte.

By contrast, if you handover your project to a freelancer or any run-of-the-mill developer nearby, you may end up screwing yourself because of the false promises that these so-called developers make. No freelancer can offer you the quality of service we do. If you worry about the investment costs, let us tell you that hiring a freelance developer will be as phony as a three-dollar bill. It’s worth investing a decent amount in return of the top-quality app built by dedicated developers of an offshore development company like ours.

In fact, we also help you when you’ve started something, it didn’t work well and you want to remodel it into a profitable outcome. For a coupon app, we are the right people to contact as we have successfully delivered clients’ projects in this field, with best prices, on-time delivery and feature-rich end-product, that has been loved by millions of users.

Real cost of developing a coupon app

While we believe in transparent communication during the development, we are upfront about the cost of development from the start. Our engagement model proposes competitive prices, no hidden costs and zero overheads. We charge money on pay-per-delivery basis as we provide phase-wise delivery.

Considering a coupon app, the average cost of development ranges between $10k-$13k. However, this is not the fixed cost. It may vary depending on your requirements (that change in almost 95% cases).

Now what you have to decide on are the features you want to see in your app. The major elements of a coupon app are:

  • Login/Signup
  • City-wise listing
  • Seller dashboard to activate, deactivate a deal
  • Live deals and discounts
  • Push notification for special discounts for special customers
  • Dynamic gateway options
  • Admin to accept, reject a coupon code
  • Campaigns- start and stop features
  • Geo-location notification
  • Recommended deals

So, inclusion and implementation of each of these features require expert hands and a dedicated time slot. Based on app’s requirements and client’s budgets, we make the changes and charge them for these functionalities.

One thing that we assure is top-notch coupon app development, delivering finest UI/UX design and most rewarding customer interaction as we used advanced tools and techniques in CSS, HTML and JavaScript for front-end development and modern frameworks for back-end development.

So, stop dreaming about that pixel-perfect app. Just get it with us.

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