The Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Will your next mobile app be on Java, Swift or HTML5? Haven’t you thought about it yet? No problem! we’ve made it easy for you. Read below...

The worldwide smartphone market will reach an incredibly 1.84 billion units in 2020 (with a 5% surge from 1.44 billion units shipped in 2016), which clearly calls for a massive mobile app revolution in the years to come. No business group can escape the digital marketing landscape and has to anyway step into the mobile app word to reach to the global audience.

That said, for every app owner, every mobile app developer, selecting a programming language for the mobile app project is a tough and crucial decision because a programming language can either lead to an outstanding achievement or a big disaster.

Luckily, we have you saved! According to your app type, requirements and the kind of performance you expect from your app, we’ve listed the top programming languages. An important tip: for a good looking, flawless, professional and profitable app, consider getting it developed by a qualified mobile app development agency. You will always be on the bright side.

Let’s see what technology wins for your app.


Undisputed winner of IT, Java is the base of many projects and the lifeline of most popular Google’s operating system, Android. Java is the potential choice for native Android app development because of the several features it comes with. Object-oriented programming, rich APIs, open source libraries, powerful integrated development environment (IDE) are a few to mention.

With a vibrant and extensible platform, Java runs much faster like native machine languages.


Swift is the game-changer for iOS mobile app development. Though Object-C is still loved by many, developers and app owners are gravitating towards the swiftness of Swift for their iPhone app. Easy-to-comprehend, with fewer legacy conventions, Swift is written in readable English with a simple syntax; no nesting of brackets and semicolons.

One of the ultimate benefits of using Swift for iOS development is Playgrounds, allowing developers to run any type of code snippet without recompiling and fixing errors to see a result on the emulator. It’s so quick with a strong typing mechanism.

Swift is more readable – highly adored by native iOS developers. With an automated memory management system, app owners can think of a smoother and faster internal storage and rectification of memory leaks. It assures a flashing future for iPhone app development.

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Objective-C was chosen by Apple as the primary programming language for iOS app development due to its robustness and scalability. Coming from the family of C language, Objective-C performs all the functions of an object-oriented programming language and has a dynamic runtime.

HTML5 + JavaScript

While Java, Swift, Objective-C are used to build the same old native mobile platform-dependent apps, separately for Android, iOS, Windows, we have some ultimate choices for developing cross-platform applications that can run the same code on each platform. HTML5 is the proposed standard here.

In fact, HTML5+JavaSCript is a matchless combination for hybrid app development. JavaScript mobile UI frameworks like Ionic (based on HTML5) is one of the most recently preferred for developing hybrid apps. With Ionic’s platform continuity, the apps look and feel at home on every device. This JS framework is also used for developing progressive web apps.

To meet the various needs of business through mobile apps, there is no right or wrong option concerning a programming language. Each of the above languages has their own benefits in the mobile world. As mentioned earlier, get your app developed from experienced hands and take expert consulting from a dedicated development agency. With this knowledge of programming language, you can surely get the best app built.

At Konstantinfo, we have a large pool of developers skilled in latest technology and tools in mobile app development. You are sure to get an innovative, top-notch solution. We’d be glad to assist you.

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