10 Things to Consider When Hiring a Mobile App Developer

Talented developers are costly, but now you can hire a mobile app developer that’s certified, skilled without spending a fortune.

With a shift in consumer’s choices and demands, enterprises, business groups and brands are extensively investing in mobile app development because the future of technology is mobile-first. No wonder, mobile apps are making the whole working system B2B and B2C more convenient and unquestionable.  So, if not yet, you should now act on developing a mobile app for either modelling a new idea or grooming the current-established brick-and-mortar or web store to the most accessible business app.

If your company doesn’t have people with technical skills, you don’t need to worry. It’s better to focus on strategizing your current business or startup mobile app idea rather than worrying about the mobile app development and missing out on that certified, skilled mobile app developer.

Because you are fortunate to have a multitude of top-performing mobile app development companies (near you) that have been handpicked by several research and review firms for the major, brilliant deliveries they’ve done to clients worldwide. We’re one among them. And these development agencies including us have a team of some exceptional mobile app developers chosen for their technical expertise and experience.

But there are many important factors that you need to study when you choose and hire your mobile app development partner. Since it’s your dream business and you love it, there’s no chance that you’re going to give it in mediocre hands. Right?

Your mobile application developer choice needs to be well-informed, which is why this time we’ve jotted down the essentials you need to consider before hiring mobile app developer for your much-loved startup idea or to grow your business digitally. There are few things you need to scrutinize in an individual developer and few others that evaluates the mobile app development company as a whole.

Hiring a Mobile App Developer

Past Experience and Work

Qualified and confident developers should be eager to tell you what all masterpiece they’ve created until now. Their past work will give you clear insight whether or not they have the skills you are looking for. Also, you can judge the quality of projects they’ve worked for.

Technical Certification

For every mobile app developer, technical skills are the bread and butter, and if they have gained a certification into a niche technology, nothing can be better than to book that developer immediately. Because when you go through the past work, you’re not sure whether the whole effort was of that professional.

For a surefire decision, it’s better to know if they have a certification under their belt, which makes a profile strong and helps in fine selection.

Can develop apps that run on multiple platforms

Do you plan to serve only the Android audience? Or only the iPhone users? We believe that both platforms are in race against each other having a competitive figure on App Stores. The audience is diverse and so are their device preferences. Further, technology is evolving so fast that our development team needs to be future-ready.

It is advisable to pick a developer that’s proficient in developing apps that can run across multiple platforms, multiple devices and multiple version of OSes.

Ability to communicate

A flawless project is only accomplished if the interaction between the app owner/client and developer/designer is seamless. For every small query and concern, clients need to communicate with their developers and vice versa. This calls for good communicators who are clear in their speech, comprehend well what the client demands and can reciprocate with the best understanding.

Updates on progress/status of the work

Responsible developers are worthier than an exceptionally talented but negligent one. With difference in time zones, especially for mobile app developers in India and clients outside, follow up is quite a task. Thus, always make sure that the developer you are going to work with will keep you updated of the work and progress of the project.

Understanding of Agile approach

No IT company today works without an agile methodology. With an iterative nature of development, agile methods guarantee incremental deliveries, enabling some benefits before the final delivery while the app is in progress.

Developers who are well-versed with an agile approach to app development should be the first choice.

Technical clarity

Seniority of developers shouldn’t be judged by only the experience and certification. What’s practical here is the domain knowledge. Don’t just trust anyone with experience but look out for developers who are technically sound. You can interview them before the final hiring.

Our company leaves it in the hands of the clients as they have full liberty to interview the developers before making a choice. In our development process, once a client decides ona developer, they have full control over the activities and tasks for the project development lifecycle.

Extent of innovation

This is a customer-centric economy and anything that’s loved and demanded by customers is a hit, whether you are a startup or a leading brand. To stand out, one has to be innovative from the start.

Right from hatching an idea to deploying it, you have to be innovative. And so is your mobile app developer. As they say, ‘No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of continent.’ So, if you choose a creative mind, you always get inputs to productively and efficiently move forward with your project, thereby attracting a larger audience base and making high ROI.

Clean coding, standards and practices

In the long run, it’s not a thumbs-up only if a specific functionality runs well in the app. For a continued success, you must ensure that the developer strictly complies with the coding standards and practices.

When you interview them, try inspecting more about their coding expertise. There are countless examples of bad code ruining an otherwise good product, so don’t fall in that trap. Though it isn’t a one-day interview task but keep a check on the quality of code delivered by the developer.

Rapport with Project manager and colleagues

A professional who knows how to work in a team can only survive in the IT industry. The developer you pick must listen to the supervisors for a better app development. When there is a block in developer’s mind, he/she should manage to get the help of Project manager or any colleague who can bring out the right solution.

Not in any case, your project development should suffer, and for that, a developer having good relations with colleagues and seniors is a good choice.

Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

For developing an impressively functional app, it’s not just the choice of developer that matters. There are few parameters on which you should monitor the company you are partnering with.


Ask for a company’s portfolio-it tells you what a company has been doing, how they have progressed with the advancement in technology, what technology platforms they’ve worked on, are they prepared for the next revolution in mobile technology and so on.

A company’s portfolio reflects their choice of projects, how does a company race against the competitors and how are they different.

Clientele (Testimonials and Feedback)

IT companies boast their capabilities with the feedback and reviews they receive from clients on successful delivery of a project. In case of mobile app development, it’s the same. Read thoroughly what the client has said about the team and what they are criticized for. Undeniably, no company is perfect in itself. You, as a business owner, has to dig out their talents and sometimes cope up with their minuses. If you get a chance, speak directly with company’s previous clients to verify that the team actually worked on the project.

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Infrastructure in place

Why you chose an app development company over a freelancer who could have otherwise developed it for you in relatively lesser price?

Because a full-scale mobile app development company promises a reliable and streamlined process. Generally, with freelancers or a neighborhood developer, you are lost in those ripples of exceeding timelines, long-time no-see, network issues and ineffective communication. So, if you have opted for a development firm, check that their software and hardware infrastructure are in place and well-equipped because you can’t afford to compromise with the quality of your app just due to these petty issues.

Flexible models

Unlike a strict development process followed by a freelancer, opt for a company that gives you the freedom to make changes in the project scope if there is a technology update or a better idea. Look for a development firm that’s open to changes and have flexible engagement models for hiring- like we have it as full-time, part-time or hourly. You can check them here.

If you want to know the real cost of mobile app development, click here. You will get a detailed insight into how you can outsource mobile app development for the best app product in the best prices.

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