Why Laravel is the Popular PHP Framework for 2016?

Laravel is an open source PHP framework which is used for developing PHP based dynamic web applications. It is one of the popular frameworks for 2016 and based on modular packaging system. Laravel is famous for its awesome accessibility and powerful features. Stability, easy to learn, good support are some other features of Laravel which attract many industries towards Lavarel.

Laravel follows the model view controller (MVC) architectural pattern for developing web applications. A model view controller architecture divides overall system into three interconnected parts model, view and controller. You can read the basic features of Laravel in our previous blog titled ‘Laravel Framework – How Significantly Does it Contribute Into PHP?

Some latest features of Laravel are listed below:

Authentication: There is a configuration file for authentication,  located at config/auth.php and contains all the authentication credentials for checking the authentication services.

Routing system: Another advantage of using Laravel is its routing system. It can be triggered by the applications with better control and flexibility. A separate directory is created for matching Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

Database Migrations: You could do modifications into the application’s schema with database migrations. Migrations are the version control for your database, these migrations are paired with Laravel’s schema builder for database building and provide rapid way for generating your application’s schema.

Eloquent ORM: Eloquent is the powerful object relational mapper in Laravel. It provides an amazing ActiveRecord implementation to work with your database. Each table of your database has a corresponding model that is used to interact with the table. By using these models, you could insert new records as well query for data into your tables.

Homestead: Laravel homestead is an official Vagrant box that provides an amazing environment without installing PHP, HHVM, a web server. If anything goes wrong, you could destroy this vagrant box completely and recreate it.

Query builder: Query builder provides an fluent interface for the creation of database queries. Query builder uses PDO parameter binding to protect your application against SQL injection and most widely used to perform database operations in your application.

Some reasons why Laravel is the best suited PHP framework for your web applications:

1. Quick development for big projects: Laravel is the best platform for big projects. According to a recent study, Laravel is one of the popular PHP frameworks for web applications. It is the most popular among developers due to its rapid development capabilities.

2. Open source: Laravel is an open source PHP framework and is freely available to all. For creating complex and large web applications, it is best suited.

3. Template engine: You could create abstract layouts with dynamic content with the help of template engine provided by this framework. A strong understanding of JS and CSS code is required to use template engine.

4. Modules: Laravel is built with the help of 20 libraries. The code is divided into several modules. You could easily use these modules into your code. There are many other adopted PHP principles for convenience, you could use these principles to build modular, responsive and user-friendly web apps.

5.MVC Architecture support: Lavarel follows model view controller architecture, in which controllers handle user requests and retrieve data, models interact with application database, views to render pages. Routes are also used to map URLs.

Conclusion: Laravel is best suited PHP framework for developing dynamic web applications. It provides unique features like Eloquent ORM, Query builder and Homestead which are the modern features, only present in Laravel. We could say, Laravel will boom more in coming years.

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