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E-commerce sites must be available and responsive at all times. Your customers expect fast, easy shopping and if they don't get it from your site, they will abandon their cart and go elsewhere. But a streamlined experience can't come at the expense of security. A breach could not only take you offline--it could take you out of business.

Once you've attracted customers to your site, you need to deliver a consistent, pleasant shopping experience so they will keep coming back. That means doing everything you can to make sure your servers don't get bogged down with the overhead of SSL encryption. You also need to be able to serve every request, add new servers quickly to handle increasing loads, and secure your site against application-level attacks that could harm your customers and your reputation.

Why do I need Konstant Info for e-commerce?

Only Konstant Info offers a total approach to delivering applications across networks using a unified architecture. With Konstant Info, you can handle more shopping sessions with far fewer servers, and make your entire operation easier to manage. Benefits of using Konstant Info for your e-commerce solution include:

  • Accelerating server response by compressing traffic, caching redundant web page elements, and handling SSL processing.
  • Balancing connections across redundant servers, while maintaining a consistent connection with each shopping session.
  • Executing automatic failover to secondary data centers when primary servers become overloaded or unavailable.
  • Speeding up replication of data among data centers for failover capability or disaster recovery.

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  • Ira Buckman
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    Ira Buckman, United States

    Konstant Infosolutions) has been a pleasure to work with. Their rates are reasonable and the quality of their work is excellent. I hired them to implement the CIM credit card processing interface via for my website The programmer, exhibited excellent knowledge of the CIM interface and all the programming that was required to implement it. Program manager did an excellent job of managing the project and enabling me to communicate effectively with the developer. The agreed-upon pricing was honored and the work was completed on schedule. I highly recommend Konstant Infosolutions to any firm seeking high-quality, reasonably-priced programming expertise

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