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"More than one-third of the total applications downloaded for the iPad come under the gaming category."
This is of course not a surprising statistic, given the powerful graphic capabilities of the iPad and the popularity of mobile gaming in today's world. Previously, the trend was to simply upscale iPhone apps for use on the iPad. However, as the iPad gained more and more popularity as a powerfully dedicated product of the Apple line, developers and user alike realized the increasing need for dedicated iPad gaming apps. It is this very realization that brought us some of the most popular native iPad games like Tomb Raider, Stickman Soccer and Assassin's Creed Pirates.

iPad Games Development, The Future of Gaming

The gaming scene is shifting its focus from desktops and consoles to mobile devices. The iPad is without a doubt the king of mobile devices when it comes to gaming. It's powerful graphic and processing capabilities combined with the larger screen size, make it an industry leader in mobile gaming. The Konstant iPad Games Development program offers:

  • Visually rich and engaging iPad games.
  • Extensively functional game-play.
  • Leveraging the iPad's capabilities to maximum effect.
  • Exceptional 2D & 3D graphic development .
For over 8 years we have delivered more than 300+ Applications for
2,550+ customers worldwide.

Our Services - iPad Games Development Company

Unfortunately, irrespective of exactly how powerful the iPad is or how visually stunning the game looks, it will not sell unless it is developed keeping all the important elements of game development in mind. At the basic level, a game has to first and foremost be visually appealing, provide an engaging storyline and hold the potential to scale the popularity ladder right to the top. At Konstant Infosolutions, we are masters of engineering games that fulfill all 3 of these criteria and more. We will listen patiently to your idea and concept and then carry out a thorough assessment of the requirements. We will then go one step further and using our extensive experience, we will help you figure out how to improve on that idea both in terms of design and project scope.

  • iPad Gaming Apps for Kids
  • Role Playing Gaming Apps
  • Puzzle & Quiz Gaming Apps
  • Racing Gaming Apps
  • Arcade Gaming Apps
  • Sports Gaming Apps
  • Casino Gaming Apps
  • Shooting Gaming Apps
  • Educational Gaming Apps

Advantages with Konstant

Konstant has had more than its share of experience in developing iPad games that not only reflect great graphic capabilities, but also offer an engaging storyline and game-play to the users. We firmly believe that all it takes for a business to launch into the stratosphere, is one great idea. You approach us with your great idea for iPad gaming and we'll give it our everything to ensure that we design and develop a game that is worthy of your idea.

30+ skilled, innovative & creative designers.

Business acumen in terms of iPad game development.

Member of International Game Developers Association (IGDA).

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