Magento 2.0 FAQ Extension

Magento 2.0 FAQ Extension

Add unlimited questions and answers for Free to help your customers know everything about your products and services

Magento 2.0 FAQ Extension

Magneto Extension offers a great way to answer all types of queries of visitors/users accessing your website without any additional involvement of developers and technical expertise. It is a built-in ‘Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)’ extension helping you directly add questions and answers that customers often look for concerning to your website products and services.

With an improved customer query resolution experience, this extension lets you add ‘frequently asked questions’ section easily to your website supporting the latest, Magento 2.0.

Exceeding our customer expectations and keeping up with their convenience, our team of expert developers has developed this ‘free-to-use’ application for all Magento powered websites. It will reduce your technical expenses and provide better efficiency with an already built-in FAQ framework.

Key Features of Magento extension

  • Adds unlimited questions and answers
  • Easy-to-install and configure on your website
  • 100% Open source
  • Accesses whole collection of QAs at once using single link at front-end
  • Provides user-friendly interface and is compatible with latest Magento 2.0 edition

* Once you install this Magento extension, you will see the FAQ manager added to the back-end of your website, which will help you manage the question and answer section.

* You can see that a new FAQ section is automatically added to your website’s back-end

* Now, you can add website relevant questions and answers under the ‘FAQ Information’ one after the other

* You can see the added questions and answers in a drop-down format on your screen

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Great Extension for magento 2.0. It fulfill all our requirement and support is also very helpful. They resolved all my quires within few hours.
Had some problems with extension app/code/Konstant/Managefaq/Controller/Adminhtml/Category/ExportXml.php had some syntax error class ExportXml extends \Konstant\Managefaq\Controller\Adminhtml\C`ategory changed to class ExportXml extends \Konstant\Managefaq\Controller\Adminhtml\Category but after that compile (php bin/magento setup:di:compile) command gives me error... Errors during compilation: Konstant\Managefaq\Controller\Adminhtml\AbstractAction Incorrect dependency in class Konstant\Managefaq\Controller\Adminhtml\AbstractAction in /home/lauzis/slow/www/DS/atraente/app/code/Konstant/Managefaq/Controller/Adminhtml/AbstractAction.php \Magento\Backend\Model\View\Result\RedirectFactory already exists in context object Total Errors Count: 1
Martijn Warrink
The bug with the typo and DI is still there. For the Dependency Injection: Remove \Magento\Backend\Model\View\Result\RedirectFactory $resultRedirectFactory, from the construct in AbstractAction.php and change the Result Factory line into: $this->_resultRedirectFactory = $context->getResultRedirectFactory(); After this: The module works fine.

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