Upgrade Your Magento Store
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Upgrade Your Magento Store

Despite the powerful and versatile nature of the Magento eCommerce tool, it is a well known fact that Magento takes a while to understand and operate with fluency. This is especially true in cases of upgrades. To newer versions of Magento. Upgrading to the latest versions is a necessary requirement of operating a Magento store as the tool is constantly updated to leverage new technologies and features. While the update may be a bit painstaking and complex, it is sure to be a rewarding step towards increased consumer satisfaction and conversions.

Magento Upgrade Services - Enhance Your Store

A static website or store no longer holds any appeal to visitors and customers alike. In today's world of fast-paced changes, people demand constant upgradation in their favourite shopping portals or the owners risk loosing their business. Upgrading your Magento store to the latest version provides several key benefits to an enterprise in terms of not only customer interest and appeal but also long-term revenue generation. Here are a few reasons why upgrading to the latest version is a good idea:

  • Upgradation brings in new features and designs
  • Visitors and customers are kept engaged, increasing retention ratios
  • Upgrades come with new security features for a safer shopping experience
  • Integration of newer modules and extensions
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Our Services - Magento Upgradation

Konstant makes it easy to fulfill your upgrade requirements with relative ease and ensures a smooth transition from the older version to the newer. We do not take any risks while upgrading your store as we know its value to you.

Our upgradation process goes as follows:

  • First we create a working replica of your store on our staging servers, to ensure that whatever changes are made, do not affect your store.
  • Upon successful upgradation of the staging server store, we will submit it to you for analysis where you will check the website for any functionality or compatibility issues
  • Next, we will upgrade the store replica to the latest or requested version
  • Once you have approved of the changes and are satisfied with the work, we will take the changes to your live site.

Advantages with Konstant

Konstant Infosolutions is an industry leader in the field of Magento development. We've had an infatuation with Magento ever since its introduction in 2007 and have left no stone unturned in order to understand and operate it with liquid fluidity. Apart from this, we have worked on several small and large Magento based projects for clients from over 40+ nations, with highly appreciated and satisfactory results.

Team of 30+ highly skilled and dedicated Magento developers

Maximum focus on Magento and eCommerce technologies

Magento Certified Developers

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