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Dating & Social Networking: Industry Solutions

Given our hectic schedules and severe lack of time, very few people manage to retain the luxury of meeting friends, family members and other loved ones on a regular basis. It is this very scarcity of time that led to the advent of social networks and now, they are all the rage. Social networking has facilitated in connecting us to the world and is now a key factor that affects the upkeep of our relationships with personal or business contacts. Apart from connecting people on a personal or professional level, the social networking platform is become an increasingly powerful tool for online marketing and has the potential to radically increase brand awareness. Konstant Infosolutions has always been focused in providing creative, innovative and functional solutions to its clients through the clever use of various social networking technology platforms, in an effort to bridge the gap between communities.

We specialize in the development of attractive and effective dating & social networking portals and applications, while keeping client specifications in mind. Our dating & social networking portals are especially developed keeping in mind the end-user and his/her preferences, so as to ensure maximum compatibility across a wide range of audiences.

The following illustrates the key features of our dating & social networking portals:

  • Listing Profile
  • Search and Match
  • Chatting
  • Video Sharing
  • Images Sharing
  • Instant Massaging
  • Live Chat
  • Build Community
  • Control Everything
73% of adults online make use of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
on a daily basis. Invest in social media and tap into the potential customer base!
  • Rodney Brace
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    Rodney Brace, Canada

    Konstant was a team effort and each person understood their tasks and carried out their work professionally and on time. They worked hard with me every step of the way and understood what I wanted and they made it happen. Thanks to The Team for their Tremendous effort. They were always pleasant, available and patient with me when I wanted to make changes and additions. I am so pleased with this team that I have two additional projects I want them to consider. They know their stuff. Again, thanks to everyone who helped with this project.

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