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Enhance likability among costumers, update the features of your Magento store
redesign magento store

Redesign Your Magento Store

One of the biggest advantages to using Magento as an eCommerce platform for your online shopping store is the amount of flexibility offered by Magento. If you own and operate a Magento store, chances are you know exactly how fast Magento is growing as an eCommerce platform. While this rate of growth is highly favorable, it does mean that your eCommerce store needs to stay updated constantly to leverage the new features of Magento. The newer versions of Magento provide powerful tools to increase the design appeal of your store to increase its impact on visitors and customers alike.

Magento Store - High Functionality, High Scalability

Your store may provide the very best in terms of services and has a dedicated customer following. However, no business can thrive for long without constantly connecting with new customers and this is precisely why you need to keep the look of your store fresh and updated in accordance with current trends. The need for design updates stems from the customers need for something new every so often, and every successful businessman knows that the key to increased revenue is increased customer satisfaction. Here are a few why redesigning your Magento store will help your business:

  • Leverage the updated features of Magento for enhanced store designs
  • Increased customer mobility demands responsive websites for the mobile platform
  • Revamping your store's design can decrease website load time
  • A fresh and updated website design leads to increased conversion rates
  • New & updated store design keeps customers engaged
For over 13 years we have delivered more than 3500+ Projects for
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Our Services - Magento store Redesign

Konstant Infosolutions provides the entire range of Magento redesign services, starting from basic store revamp to custom store designs. Our love for Magento has prompted us to delve very deep into its workings and we are aware of each and every aspect of this powerful eCommerce tool. Furthermore, we understand that in the world of eCommerce, one size does not fit all; our Magento design services are tailored uniquely to match the needs and requirements of our clients project in a satisfactory manner.

We provide Magento store redesign services based on the following fronts:

  • Magento custom store design services
  • Magento Enterprise Edition store design services
  • Magento Go store design services
  • Magento multi store design services

Advantages with Konstant

Ever since its release into the world of open source eCommerce technology, we have been playing with Magento to provide the very best solutions to our clients. Unlike many solutions providers, we are not only highly adept at our work with Magento, but we also understand that the primary concern of any eCommerce store is to earn revenue. Here is why you need to pick us to redesign your Magento store:

Highly talented and experienced team of Magento store designers

Rich Magento based experience

Magento Certified Developers & Designers to operate on your store

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