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Simple non-dynamic text based websites are a thing of the past. For effective and efficient marketing, websites need to showcase their products and services using visual aids like graphs, statistic charts, images, etc. Most users today prefer to process a lot of information in a shorter span of time; this is where infographics come in handy. These visual aids can help process a lot of information in a relatively short span of time and utilize less web space. Additionally, infographics tend to have a greater impact on users than regular old text based content. This can be used as a very effective marketing strategy by businessmen.

InfoGraphic Services - Greater Aesthetics, Greater Impact

According to several research studies about the impact of visuals on the human brain, we process visual information roughly 60,000 times faster than plain old textual information. Additionally, the studies went on to reveal that most readers tend to remember only 20% of what they read. This clearly highlights the massive impact that infographic visuals have on the human mind. This impact, if utilized in the proper manner, can translate into a very powerful marketing medium for businesses. Here are a few reasons why your website requires informative, engaging and attractive infographic designs:

  • Help users process more information in a shorter span of time
  • Infographics increase traffic to your website by going viral
  • Increased scalability as compared to regular textual content
  • Add aesthetic beauty to your website
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Our Services - InfoGraphic Design Company

We provide infographic services that cater to all forms of industries out there. As leaders in IT solutions and marketing geniuses, we have a thorough understanding of user requirements and expectations. We follow a highly versatile marketing-focused strategy in our work with infographics. We realize that the whole point of this form of marketing is to increase lead generation and conversion rates and we ensure that we remain focused on this aspect throughout the design and development process. Here are some of our key infographic design services:

  • Dynamic & informative infographic designs
  • Promotional infographic designs
  • Interactive & animated infographics
  • Custom infographics for social media platform
  • Editorial & Publishing infographic designs

Advantages with Konstant

With thousands of infographic design agencies floating about in cyperspace, why would you pick us? Good questions. Pick us because we know exactly what we're doing, and how it will affect your project. We have a team of world-class designers who are not only naturally gifted at what they do, rather they also understand your needs & the expectations of those you wish to connect with.

Unique understanding of business needs combined with user expectations

Several of our infographic designs have gone viral

SEO centric infographic designs

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