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Xamarin App Development

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Developing a mobile app and submitting it to an app store has become essential for businesses to grow in the mobile-first world. Not every app can be built on the same platform and thus, Konstant Infosolutions choose Xamarin App Development to create apps on multiple platforms - native and cross-platform.

For delivering cutting-edge mobile apps on Android, iPhone and Windows app store, we have chosen Xamarin – a popular cross-platform mobile app development. Now known as Xamarin Visual Studio, after Microsoft's acquisition of the technology, it has a vast scope to target mobile platforms and in turn, your customers. Xamarin helps our developers to ship better apps faster with automated testing.

Better known as Apache Cordova now, PhoneGap creates app-store ready apps without worrying about maintaining native SDKs. It is, in fact, one of the most cost-effective ways to reach out to all smartphone users.

Xamarin - Building Cross Platform Apps

Though a cross-platform tool, Xamarin apps look and feel native. They have a native user interface, built exactly the way end-user wants it and behaving the same way. The best thing about Xamarin for Visual Studio is that it builds 100% fully native apps for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows on a shared C# codebase, which allows us to use the same IDE and APIs everywhere, even for new OS releases.

  • Write once, Run everywhere, Stay native
  • Builds high performance apps
  • Shared app logic, fewer bugs
  • API Integration
  • Availability of Xamarin Component Store
  • C# is an excellent programming language for cross-platform
For over 8 years we have delivered more than 300+ Applications for
2,550+ customers worldwide.

Why Choose Xamarin App Development?

At Konstant Infosolutions, we have a talented and experienced team of Xamarin developers with finesse in C, Objective-C, C#, Java and other mobile platforms, who develop user-centric mobile apps. Xamarin helps our developers to build, test and monitor apps in a better way, saving development time and maintenance costs. There are a number of features that only Xamarin offers:

  • It provides a thorough implementation of C# and .Net class libraries.
  • Xamarin has access to full spectrum of platform-specific capabilities like iBeacons and Android fragments.
  • Xamarin.Forms allows building of native user interfaces for iOS, Android, Windows using 100% shared C#.
  • UI and API binding for all mobile platforms, which enables support for new features as they are introduced in device’s operating system.
  • Xamarin component store provides more than 40 UI controls, cross-platform libraries and third-party web services.
  • Written in C#, type safety in the language prevents type errors. It has a simplified syntax and is a modern programming language.

Why Konstant Infosolutions?

Having a full-fledged in-house team of Xamarin developers, we guarantee exceptional quality and on-time delivery of mobile apps. Xamarin developers for hire is also a service we provide for your mobile projects. Benefits of choosing Konstant Infosolutions over others:

Delivered a number of user-engaging cross-platform apps

Experienced and efficient Xamarin workforce

Dedicated team providing full-time, 24*7 support

Up-to-date technology and frameworks used

Client-centric development and customer-focused mobile apps

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