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mobile commerce development

Mobile Commerce Application Development

The term mobile commerce (or mCommerce) was first coined in 1997 and means "the delivery of electronic commerce capabilities directly into the consumer's hand, anywhere, via wireless technology." The mobile platform has been growing with leaps and bounds and is dominating nearly every sector as more and more people realize the power of mobility. Online shopping is now a part of people's lives and now they want to be able to make purchases and browse for information on the go. This need has spawned the birth of mobile commerce development.

Konstant mCommerce Development Services

Mobile commerce or mCommerce as it is often abbreviated has several major advantages over eCommerce. For starters, there is an obvious ease of accessibility. With mCommerce, people can fulfill their online shopping needs on the go, anywhere, anytime. Apart from this, mobile commerce is also bringing in new trends in the way businesses interact with their customers and clients. In addition to this, mobile commerce has made online interactions faster, more personalized, more secure and above all, more convenient.

  • mCommerce provides greater ease of access compared to ecommerce
  • Effects change in the way businesses interact with customers
  • Increased customer satisfaction through greater security and personalization
  • Increased business growth and brand recognition thanks to mobile platform
For over 8 years we have delivered more than 300+ Applications for
2,550+ customers worldwide.

Our Services - Mobile Commerce Development

Given our fanaticism for mobility, we are huge fans of mcommerce development and fervently believe in its growth and potential. We provide a wide range of mobile commerce solutions that are assured to grant total satisfaction.

We offer mobile commerce development services across the following fronts:

  • Mobile Banking Services
  • Auction Services
  • Mobile Online Shopping Services
  • mCommerce Information Services

Advantages with Konstant

Konstant has a rich background in mCommerce solutions and takes an active role in its propagation and development. Our programmers and developers are highly skilled and have a unique understanding of commerce on the mobile platform.

Competitive pricing packages

30+ dedicated mobile commerce programmers and developer

Unique understanding of mCommerce development needs and requirements

13+ years of experience in providing IT solutions

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